Packages of Hours

Whatever you need big or small, we have created packages of hours to assist in making your choice easier.

A package of hours is not needed for our services; however,  a minimum of 20 hours is required for any of our research services.    When you order research hours with a package deal, you will receive the following…

An 8 GB USB Flash Drive that will contain the Gedcom file that has stored your family tree and documents.   A personalized binder with your family name inscribed on its cover that also contains your family’s documents that were discovered in the research.  We are privy to binders because they can always be added to in the future when you come back for more research.

You also will receive paper copies of all documents or images we discovered.

There Are 4 Packages Of Hours Broken Up By Hours Of Research.


Roaring Twenties

This Package Features 20 Hours Of Research.

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Victorian Package

This Package Features 30 Hours Of Research.

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Renaissance Package

This Package Features 40 Hours Of Research.

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Hail Caesar Package

This Package Features 50 Hours Of Research Or MORE In Increments Of 10 Hours.

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