C. Salazar

We are a Forensic Genealogy firm, specializing in genealogical research for probate matters. I was so happy to find Rebecca at Trinity Genealogy to located documents in the Peoria, Illinois area. She is remarkably fast and professional. You will not find a better genealogist anywhere! We highly recommend Trinity Genealogy! Thank you for your fantastic work!


I had always felt I knew a lot about my family and past generations, we have lived in the same area for several generations and my family still lives there.  Trinity Genealogy uncovered things that I never knew! I discovered that my Great -Great Grandfather was vital in the creation of a neighboring town, he basically owned all the land the town sits on.  Old newspaper articles were uncovered that spoke about my Great Great Grandfather in a personal way that helped me view him as I did know him. It was amazing!

A. Hurt

My dad has always told us stories about how we are related to Benjamin Frankin.  I wanted to find out if it was true. Trinity Genealogy was great, they were almost as excited as I was to find out and you could tell they truly enjoyed listening to me talking about my family.

T. Taylor

I didn’t know anything about my family except two names and a location.  When I first talked to Trinity Genealogy, they were excited about the challenge of just having the two names and a location.  I was hoping they could find something but wasn’t really counting on it. Trinity Genealogy found them right away and the rest fell into place.  It was great how fast they found my family.


Growing up we had always heard about my Grandmother having two families, times were rough, and a woman didn’t have a lot of options back then if their husbands died. Trinity Genealogy uncovered that my Grandmother was married three times, all her husbands died young, and in bad ways, one they discovered was crushed in a buggy.   I can’t believe all that was found.

J. Pawlowski

When I decided to hire someone to look into my family, I never realized what could be discovered, it really makes you thankful for the time we live in now.   I was appalled and thrilled at the same time to have uncovered what I did about my family.  I can’t wait to discover what else Trinity Genealogy can dig up for me! You will not find a better genealogist anywhere!