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Genealogy is the Discovery of You.

Discovery of You.

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What is your ancestry?  Do you have ancestors who did heroic deeds?  What about ancestors who did dastardly deeds?  Do you have traits or characteristics that have been passed down from an ancestor?  These questions and many more, we at Trinity Genealogy can help you discover when you start the discovery of you.

Genealogy Research

What is a Genealogist?

A genealogist is many things. They are a detective, a librarian and historian, a mapmaker and a traveler. In short, they are a researcher. A genealogist can use online databases to research vital records but most records are not online. This is why a good genealogist is also a great detective. They have to be able to think outside the box, hunting down the elusive records and piecing together all the parts of the puzzle that is your ancestor’s life. Travel is sometimes needed to obtain or search for records that are not available online for many reasons, sometimes they are still boxed away waiting to be discovered.

Documents that have not been preserved.

Why a mapmaker, you ask? A genealogist is a mapmaker of ancestors. Instead of a map of cities, towns, and countries, we map out ancestors and put them on their rightful place on the map…or in this case, their rightful place on your family tree.

A genealogist also has to have a love of history. When you research people, you are also researching the events, the culture and way of life that each person and each generation lived in. When you are researching people you need to locate their place of origin, it is very helpful to know the previous names of the city or country. A great example of this is the city of Istanbul which was once the city of Constantinople!

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