Renaissance Package

The Renaissance Package can be for those who are starting out in their discovery. This package is also for those who want to continue the discovery of their ancestors and their family history. The package of 40 hours is for those who have a better idea of what they are looking for or how far they want to go in search of answers.  The Renaissance Package has 40 hours of research. This package of 40 hours comes with a discounted rate of 10% off the regular hourly fee.

When you purchase a package you will receive an 8 GB Flash Drive with a GEDCOM file of all of your documents.  You will receive a custom binder with your family name on the cover.  You, of course, will receive copies of all the documents that were discovered that will fit nicely in your binder.

With any of the packages of research or research in general, there are additional fees that need to be considered.  These fees will be further discussed when we review your research goals but they include additional costs such as cost for pulling records from courthouses and purchasing an official stamped copy of a document.

If the Renaissance Package seems like the package for you, contact us today, we are excited to hear from you.  Thank you for choosing Trinity Genealogy.

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