Hail Caesar Package


This bold and decisive choice of the Hail Caesar Package is for someone who wants to dig deep for all the discoveries that can be found on their family.  This package is a great choice for those starting out or continuing their search.  People generally pick the Hail Cesar Package who wants to discover as much as possible.   This package helps to allow then to go back as far as possible in their family tree.  The Hail Caesar Package of research is 50 hours.  If you would like more then 50 hours of research, hours can be added on in increments of 10 hours.  When you purchase this package or hours of 50 or more there is a 15% discount on our hourly rate.

When you purchase a package you will receive an 8 GB Flash Drive with a GEDCOM file of all of your documents.  You will receive a custom binder with your family name on the cover.  You, of course, will receive copies of all the documents that were discovered that will fit nicely in your binder.

With any of the packages of research or research in general, there are additional fees that need to be considered.  These fees will be further discussed when we review your research goals but they include additional costs such as cost for pulling records from courthouses and purchasing a stamped copy of a document.

If this seems like the package for you, contact us today, we are excited to hear from you, thank you for choosing Trinity Genealogy.

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