Fix/Check/Continue Existing Research and Family Tree

Online Record Search and Family Trees

With the advancement of so many records being online, family tree building has become a great obsession and hobby for individuals.  Due to this, many family trees have wrong information connected to their tree.  Finding assumed ancestors listed on someone else’s tree, families will wrongly attach this false information.   This is why having Trinity Genealogy verify your family tree is important.

Correct Documentation

Do you have an origin story that was passed down about your family?  Maybe you’ve been told your ancestors fought next to George Washington? Have you been told you were related to another famous person?  These make great stories but many times that is what they are, stories.    Due to these stories, a lot of people try to fit their family tree to the narrative of the story, overriding facts and creating a fictional tree.  This is hard for some people to except. If you want the truth, connecting correct documents to the right ancestors on your tree is important. By connecting the right ancestors to your family tree you might have a better origin story. The difference,  this origin story would be factual and connecting you to possibly an even more famous ancestor.

Verifying Your Family Tree

Trinity Genealogy would perform the research to verify your family tree by fixing it or checking it for inaccuracies.   Fact-checking research and verification are done for a lower hourly rate of research. The cost of research is lower because it is important to have a strong base upon which to build. By lowering the cost we are also confident to be hired to continue the discoveries of your family.  Trinity Genealogy will continue the research at any point of your choice. However; wouldn’t you rather know your family tree is correct instead of spending more money to continue connecting the wrong family to your tree?


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