Family History/Ancestry Research

Whether you are just starting on the discovery of you, in search of your ancestors and their stories or you are continuing the discovery from where you left off, we are here to help.  We will research as far back as you want to go.  We can also focus our research closer to home; such as children of grandparents or great-grandparents and their families, if that is what you want to discover.  If you want to discover if the oral family tradition that’s been passed down is true, we can help.  Most families have a belief about their family that has been told to them and this is usually a reason that has drawn them to search for answers in the first place.

There is no easy formula to determine the hours of research that is needed no matter how simple the search is you may want to start on may seem.   We require a minimum of twenty hours for any research.  We have compiled four different packages to help you determine what you feel is required for your search.  Purchased researched packages also come with items that are specific to the packages. To review our packages, click on the button below to take you to our selection of packages.


Packages of Hours