Estate/Probate Research (Forensic Genealogy)

Probate and Estate Research is referred to as Forensic Genealogy.   This type of research is for legal matters.  Probate and estates research is of a legal matter because it deals with proving a relationship to the deceased.  The deceased probably left behind items that need to be divided amongst their family. Records are searched when there is an individual who is trying to claim descent to have legal rights to the estate or some unknown factor that needs to be verified.    This line of research is very important because of its legal implications.

There can be many reasons why a family member is unknown or has become unknown by the rest of the family.  For Example, family members have been disowned. Families can have a falling out for various reasons such as an illegitimate child that no one knew about.  Forensic Genealogy has advanced with the popularity of  DNA.  DNA has become a great resource, in testing and locating people, to help prove a relationship for forensic genealogy.

For all these reasons and more, this type of research needs to be handled professionally and efficiently. Contact us to learn more or if you would like our assistance with forensic genealogy research.

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