Analysis of DNA/ Search of Records

Why do we say analysis of DNA and search of records?  Above all, DNA is a tool and should be treated as such. DNA in ancestry is huge. As a result, DNA can be a great tool in the continuation of research or in assisting in moving past what seems like a dead end.  DNA can also be helpful with discovering biological family, missing family or family you never knew you had.  It can also be misleading. This is why you need to have researched for supportive documents.

What we do is after you purchase a DNA kit from one of the retailers, they will send you your results to be opened.  The results of your DNA test will be analyzed by us and researched for supportive documents to coincide with the results of the DNA. This will ensure an accurate and complete history of your family.  What does this mean? Depending on how much DNA you share with a family member will determine the DNA test results on relationship to you such as 1st, 2nd 3rd cousin. BUT what that persons’ relationship actually is in reference to closeness may be different then what the DNA test says. This is why DNA is a tool and not a complete picture.

If this is something you want us to assist in or you would like more information and price, please contact us and fill out a contact form and visit our packages page by clicking on the button below.  Whatever your research needs are, we do have a set minimum of twenty hours.


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