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Researching Your Family’s History

While rewarding, tracking down your family history can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  Many people are eager to know all about their ancestry. Most people; however,  lack the ability and time to do the proper research. What we do is research for you making discoveries to bringing you closer to your family and your family’s history.

Trinity Genealogy takes the time to do the proper research through a variety of methods.  It is exciting for us to watch the family members added to your tree creating the many branches that make up your family and how full your family tree can become with the right research.


What We Do is Research.

What we do is RESEARCH!

Here at Trinity Genealogy, we are experts at genealogy research.  We have the time, resources and research capabilities to succeed in your ancestry-search. We also have contacts and experts we consult with to quickly get the information we need.

There is a multitude of proven ways to trace your genealogy.  Some of those methods used at Trinity Genealogy are by researching the following: Birth and Death Indexes, Social Security Death Index, Court House Records, Newspaper Articles, DNA Records, Marriage Records, Church Records, and More!

       Bigger is Not Always Better

Trinity Genealogy is a different kind of genealogy company.  While we are a company that has access to all the resources of the larger companies, we pride ourselves on the individual approach we take with our clients.  We want our clients to feel welcome and at home when they work with us.  Trinity Genealogy’s approach is one of personal attention, honesty and true curiosity about the history and genealogy of each of our clients. Trinity Genealogy offers a wide range of research services to our clients. The bottom line, no matter how you label it or dress up the title, what we do is research to make discoveries bringing you closer to your family.

If you want individual attention, where your family’s stories matter and with genealogists that have over twenty years of experience in research and degrees in history, you have come to the right place.

Thank You for Choosing Trinity Genealogy.

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