“What Makes Us  A Different Genealogy Company?”

Personal attention to our clients is what makes Trinity Genealogy different. Our company strives to not be just a person on the phone who is asking personal questions about your family. We care about our customers and their family like they are an extension of ours. Trinity Genealogy prefers actually meeting our clients or scheduling a phone call.  This allows our clients to get to know who will be handling their research and know that their story is exciting to us as well as to them.

“Why Genealogy?”

The Study of History has always been a passion. History has never been about what they want you to know or what the history books tell you. It is what they don’t want to tell you, the history that is a mystery, that you need to look for, that is why Trinity Genealogy loves to do the research. It is for the mystery that you uncover: That is why we love Genealogy. This is also what makes us a different genealogy company.

“How Long Have We Been Doing Genealogy?”

Trinity Genealogy has been doing genealogy research for about 20 years.
We also have degrees in History so research and learning about the past have always been of importance. This again is what makes us a different genealogy company, our love of all the history that surrounds the ancestor and their personal history.

“What Is The Price?”

Packages vary in price. The starting price is $ 2400 and includes 20 hours of research.

“Are There Any Other Costs or Fees?”

There can be additional costs such as the cost of copies, cost of documents, travel expenses, etc.

“Why Can We Not Buy Packages On This Site?”

If you have been looking around at other sites and looking into genealogists, you have probably come across sites where you have never even talked to someone and yet you can click a button and purchase hours of research. As we have stated, while this is a business, it is a business about family and your story. This click and pay seem impersonal to us as we strive to be a different business based on an actual relationship with our customers. Your family and their history are important to us.

” How To Get Started?”

First, you contact us. When you speak to us we will discuss the needs and scope of your project.  We will have you complete a  family history form that lists your family and any information you know such as birth, death, places they lived. A contract that lists the agreement and cost will be signed.  At the contract signing, half down of the cost is expected. This price does not include any extra costs.  We list a time frame of 6 to 12 weeks for the completion of the research.   This time reference is not a guarantee.  The research could also be done in a week or longer… it depends on the availability of information and documents. Trinity Genealogy will contact you with updates through this entire process, so there are no surprises.

“Why Did You Redo Your Website?”

While we wanted the site to be professional we never wanted it to be like all the other sites out there that we feel are cold and impersonal or make you feel like you are buying insurance.  Genealogy, we feel, is like this new website, sticky notes EVERYWHERE!  Genealogy is having all these pieces of a puzzle on sticky notes and figuring out how the sticky notes go together.  We want you to know that we care about your family, our business is, after all, family!  This new design we feel represents our business more accurately, especially with all the sticky notes! 🙂

“Other Sites List How Many Generations or Surnames A Package of Research Discovers, Why Don’t You?”

Our company, Trinity Genealogy, likes to be as forthright as possible with our clients or potential clients.  It is misleading for a company to imply that a guaranteed amount of research will be discovered because a certain package of hours was purchased.  Good research takes time and can not be rushed or guaranteed in what discoveries of information will be found.  That is misleading.  This is why we do not place a number of generations or surnames in our packages like it is a guarantee. This is also what makes us a different genealogy company.