Victorian Package

A great choice to start or continue your ancestry discoveries.  The Victorian Package offers 30 hours of research. When you purchase this package you get 5% off the regular hourly fee. The Victorian Package will insure more research time in discovering your ancestors.  If this is your first time researching, this package is aptly named to give a reference of what 30 hours could uncover by possibly reaching the time range of the Victorian Era which was from the late 1830s to about 1901. When you purchase a package you will receive an 8 GB Flash Drive with a GEDCOM file of all of your documents.  You will receive a custom binder with your family name on the cover.  All the documents that were discovered will be given to you and will fit nicely in your binder.

With any of the packages of research or research in general, there are additional fees that need to be considered.  These fees include additional costs such as cost for pulling records from courthouses and purchasing an official stamped copy of a document.

If the Victorian Package is for you, click the button. It will take you to the contact form so you can contact us to discuss your research.   We are excited to hear from you and thank you for contacting Trinity Genealogy.

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