Custom Research ( Adoption, D.A.R., Other)

Custom Research entails many things and we are up to whatever challenge you present us. We have listed three different types of custom research.

D.A.R.,  known as the Daughters of the American Revolution, is a non-profit organization that does a lot of charitable good works pertaining to history and preservation.  To become a member you have to prove direct descent to a Revolutionary soldier.  Trinity Genealogy can prove this descent to a Revolutionary soldier.

Adoption we listed as custom research but we listed, “possibly” next to adoption.  Why?  DNA, while opening many doors that were previously closed, is still not a slam duck for finding answers.  Something as important to an individual as finding their biological family should not be misrepresented as a slam dunk.  While we are more than capable of doing the research, it still comes down to records and DNA matches to find the answers.  There is no way to determine this until the research has begun.

Lastly, we have, “other” to describe what research is specific to you and not listed in any category. We are happy to help with whatever research you request.

If you would like to discuss any custom search or find out more, please contact us to discuss your needs. We do have a minimum of twenty hours of research.


 Packages of Hours