Ancestry Research

Family History, Ancestry, Genealogy, Lineage…

What Is It?

We have all heard these terms and others to describe the researching of your ancestors and their relation to you.  They are all different words that share the same principle, research.

Family history is just that!  It is your family, your ancestors, and history that is specific to you and YOUR family.

Genealogy is the research of your family.  It is the discovery of each family member, each ancestor and first, “mapping” that ancestor onto the family tree, the map of sorts,  of your family.  Instead of cities and towns, we map ancestors.

But it is more than that, each of these, “mapped” out ancestors is more than a name and a location on a map.  These ancestors are people who lived, just like you and me.  They had good days and bad, some were naughty and some were nice, while others were a little in-between.  They had jobs and families, some a few jobs or also a few families!  Some ancestors may have been in wars while others sailed the seas but just like you, they LIVED.

These ancestors’ lives are now stories to be discovered.  Each ancestor brings their own story and traits,  ambitions and failures and maybe a few talents and skills.  Some of these ancestors may have passed on physical characteristics like your eyes, which all accumulate into a lineage that is past down to You!

Ancestry Research

Ancestry Research

If you are like most people, you are curious about your ancestry.  You also may be curious to discover how far back your lineage can be researched.  When you discover ancestry you also discover history:  History of migrations, history of dynasties, history of borders and land changes.  What is amazing about all of this, is YOUR ancestors, your FAMILY were apart of All of this history!  Contact Trinity Genealogy today to start your ancestry research.

When You Discover Ancestry Your Discover History!

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